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Window Washing

Window Washing

We are a full service window cleaning company specializing in:

  • All types of residential windows, private homes, townhouses, apartments.
  • Full service cleaning includes window interior and exterior.
  • We also can clean your window sills, frames, screens, storm windows, mirror walls, mirrors, skylights, shower doors, French windows and doors, chandeliers, foyer lights, ceiling fans and all other glass surfaces.
  • We provide professional service.

So here are thereasons why window cleaning is more important than it seems:

1. The Structure of Glass

Glass is porous and collects dirt that over time make it fragile or causes loss of transparency, pigmented spots, which accommodate microorganisms’ growth. In the end, that might ruin the glass completely. Common enemies of your windows and the main reason for the cleaning are:
  • hard minerals – from sprinkler systems and building run-off;
  • oxidization – from windows encased in metal frames and screens;
  • acid rain – they are more common than you think;
  • sea spray – salt slowly builds up on the surface of your glass;
  • Overspray – accidental paint, chalk, mortar particles, etc.

2. House Heat Efficiency

This might be a big surprise for some of us, but it turns out dirty windows affect overall heat efficiency of your house. Dirt particles on the surface and in the pores of the glass simply reflect more UV light, preventing the sun from warming up your apartment during the cold seasons. Such a bundle might cause a gradual increase in heating expenses and even issues with mold in the long run.

3. Clean properties were sold at higher prices than those with the same features but dirty windows. It’s easy as a piece of pie – clean windows make everything look tidy, fresh and simply pleasant.

4. It Just Works – Clean Windows Look Nice In the end, you probably felt it for yourself – clean windows make you feel better, they offer a better view. The world in full color is simply more satisfying. If you don’t understand what we mean, just ask your friend with glasses about their perception of the world before and after cleaning the spectacles. Some might even mention an increase in self-esteem and boost in positive thinking. Don’t let yourself down with smears and smudges.

Prices For Regular Windows

Number of Windows Inside Outside Outside Only
1-18 $99 $69
19-25 $119 $79
26-35 $139 $89
36-45 $159 $99
46-55 $179 $109
56-65 $199 $119
66-75 $219 $129
76-85 $239 $139
86-95 $259 $149
96 + $2.80 ea $1.70 ea

Prices for irregular windows and additional services

Type of window Price
Storefront (inside & outside) $5.00/window
Storm window $3.00-$5.00
Screen brushed $1.00
Bar removal and installation 20¢-50¢
Skylight (per side if possible) $5-$15
Window screen repair $15-$30
Door screen repair $40-$50

How do I count my windows?