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Power Washing

Power Washing

Power washing of your siding, patio, fence and other outdoor areas not only gives a fresh look but also protects it from destructive debris and corrosion. We have flat prices for power washing of siding, for all other kind of power washing call 847-438-8078 for a free estimate.

House Power Washing

One Side Two Side Three Side Four Side
one story $100.00 $160.00 $220.00 $260.00
two story $120.00 $190.00 $260.00 $300.00
three story $150.00 $270.00 $390.00 $460.00

Garage Floor Power Washing

Garage Size Price
One Car Garage $74.00
Two Car Garage $90.00
Three Car Garage $110.00

Deck Power Washing

Deck Size Price
100-300 sq ft $150.00
301-500 sq ft $250.00
501-700 sq ft $350.00
701-1000 sq ft $450.00

Concrete Patio and Sidewalk = 25ยข/sq ft (minimum charge $75.00)

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